About Us

Chiyoda Lighting Group is one of the leading lighting products in Indonesia. The factory has almost 3,000 employees and works to fulfill the demand of Chiyoda brand. For more than three decades, Chiyoda has supplied customers world-wide.

Chiyoda Group was established as trading outlet in mid 60's. In the mid 70's, it was developed as lamp manufacturer. As time progress, Chiyoda has become one of the leading lamp manufacturers in Indonesia. Currently PT. Sinar Angkasa Rungkut production lines consist of Incandescent Lamps, Fluorescent Lamps, and Lighting Appliances.

Chiyoda Group will strive in the face of competition from globalization era. As one of the leading lamp manufactures in Indonesia, Chiyoda Lighting Group will continue showing its commitment to fulfill demand for good quality and cost effective product.